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LetsCollect is a website + app offering anyone the ability to start a public (or private) collection of items (locations, persons, objects, etc.) and share it in the form of an online collection with the rest of the world.

A platform for collections

Browse collections to discover crowd-sourced information about the world around you, or start your own collection using the LetsCollect website + app. A collection is a unique page on which items can be collected, and which is administrated by the user who started the page.

A collection can be filled individually or with the help of the crowd by enabling suggestions from the crowd, or by sending out personal invites to make a contribution. You can also expand and personalize your collection by using filters for you content, likes for items, location-maps for items, and several other options that are at your disposal.

Join in on the fun

So whether you want to start a collection of all your favourite local shops, you know a DJ that is not yet represented in a collection of all the DJ's in your area, or you just want to catalog all your old videogames, with LetsCollect you have an awesome collection-tool at your exposal.

Together we are filling a growing platform with local knowledge and making the world a more transparent place. Help us to make more local knowledge available in the world and start your own collection today!


Historical figures

"An overview of historical figures who lived in, or around the city of Leeuwarden in the Netherlands. The collection is open to suggestions, so for ideas regarding additional historical figures, feel free to add a suggestion and we will review your submission and either accept or decline."

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The LetsCollect website + app offer a wide variety of functionality and options, click the subjects below to find out more on the various topics...

The power of LetsCollect on your phone

The LetsCollect app offers the same functionality as the website, with the addition of creating items faster using your camera, and location. Browse collections nearby and receive local deals!

Discover LetsCollect

LetsCollect is a website + app that let's you easily collect items offline and share them via collections online.

So whether you are collecting all your favourite local shops, all the bands you think rock in your area, or you just want to catalog all your old videogames, LetsCollect is the place to go!

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