Collecting content

Add filters and items to your collection

Expand your collection with filters and items

Once you have started a collection you have various options to expand your collection with items and filters. The page below outlines the different options.

Content filters

Add up to four filters

A prominent feature of LetsCollect is the ability for collection-owners to add filters to his/her collection. Once you have created a collection you will see the "Add filters" option at the top of your collection. When you are using the app the option to add filters is located in the collection setup menu.

A collection can have a maximum of 4 filters, each with an infinite amount of filter-options. Filters have a title (the subject of the filter i.e.: "Gender"), and you can add your own filter-options (i.e. the options: "male", "female", "other"). When saved, the filter options will turn into clickable buttons. When clicked, the items which have that specific filter-tag will come up. When you have at least 1 filter, you can add the various the filter-options to an item in the create item screen.

  Creating items

Adding new items

As the collection-owner you will always be able to see the button to add a new items to your collection. Unless you've chosen to make your collection private, by default visitors will be able to submit suggestions. You can deactivate suggestions from visitors in the collection-setup menu.

The "Add item"-button will open a form which will let you add an item. Item's typically consist of a title, an image, a description, and optionally: weblinks to external sites, filter-options (when at least 1 filter is present), and a location map (when activated in the collection menu).

Invite for item

Invite people to join your collection

When you are logged in, and the add-item button is displayed, you will see the option to invite people via email to join your collection. In the form that appears, you will be able to specifiy the email of the receiver and leave a short message informing the receiver of your invitation.

When the receiver visits the collection and does not yet have an account on LetsCollect, he/she will be prompted to make an account rightaway.

  Claiming items

Invite for ownership of an item

Next to inviting someone to make a suggestion in your collection, it is also possible to invite someone to directly take ownership of an item in your collection. This way an existing item can be managed by the right person.

An official owner of an item can be added under the "Add contact details" tab on the create-item form.

Crowd-sourced suggestions

Suggestions from your audience

By default your collection is open to suggestion from visitors. This is a great way to grow your collection, by letting your audience contribute with suggestions.

Once a suggestion has been submitted you will receive a notification and you can view the submission. The suggestion will turn into an actual item once you yourself save it aswell.

Additional administrators

Letting more people collect

You can appoint administrative rights to other users on LetsCollect, for a collection that you have created. Inviting users to become administrator of your collection can be set up in the setup menu of your collection.

LetsCollect Adding administrators in the collection setup menu

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