The concept

A world becomming more transparent

Offering a service to the world

At LetsCollect we offer people a service to collect, curate, and share knowledge in the form of public (or private) collections. We believe in the capabilities of the crowd to gather knowledge together, and that wisdom lies in the eye of the beholder.


Crowd-sourcing knowledge

By presenting an easy-to-use means to unlock individual and collective knowledge, and sharing this knowledge in a structured way, we strive to contribute to a world that is becomming more transparent. The internet has already provided us with a great means of sharing information, but the way in which this information is shared and displayed is often scattered.

At LetsCollect we strive to develop the best possible tools to make gathering real-world content into an online setting as easy as possible. At the same time we are opening up a vast amount of compiled knowledge to inspire people to discover specific insights about the world around them.


A collection platform

We believe in the power of a clear and easy-to-use overview of data. At LetsCollect anyone can start a collection. Add filters to search through your content, add a like-functionality to your items, add a location map to either your collection as a whole or to your items, and decide whether you want to fill your collection individually or with help from your audience. The result is a flexible platform that allows many different types of information to be gathered and shared with others.

Once you are satisfied with your collection, you can choose to publish your collection in the various search engines. This means your collection will be displayed among the search results of the various searchengines and visitors will be able to find your collection via these channels.


Historical figures

"An overview of historical figures who lived in, or around the city of Leeuwarden in the Netherlands. The collection is open to suggestions, so for ideas regarding additional historical figures, feel free to add a suggestion and we will review your submission and either accept or decline."

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An open platform

An important aspect of the LetsCollect service is the ability to open up your collection to suggestions from the crowd. This means that collections can contain compiled input from a large crowd. And while new suggestions do still need to be accepted by an administrator of the collection before they are added, it is an effective way to gather a lot of data in a short time.

Next to receiving suggestions from visitors, it is also possible to invite people or organizations to join your collection directly via email. The person you have invited will receive an e-mail with a link to the collection and a request to make a suggestion.

Finally it is also possible to let people claim ownership of an individual item in a collection using an emailaddress. This means that an official owner can be invited to adjust or update an individual item.


Collecting on the go

In an effort to inspire people to discover new information about their surroundings, an important aspect is to make the discovery and the gathering of information about your surroundings as easy as possible. For this purpose we have extended the functionality of the LetsCollect website with the LetsCollect app.

The app largely offers similar functionality as the website with the addition of being able to use your camera on your phone to capture items, receive suggestions based on your location and easily navigate to the closest item. This makes your ability to discover crowd-sourced information based on your location, and growing your own collections a lot easier.


Discover the possibilities...

The LetsCollect website + app offer a wide variety of functionality and options, click the subjects below to find out more on the various topics...

The power of LetsCollect on your phone

The LetsCollect app offers the same functionality as the website, with the addition of creating items faster using your camera, and location. Browse collections nearby and receive local deals!