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Let's talk about cookies

In this Cookie Statement (“Cookie Declaration”), the following should be understood as: ‘LetsCollect’

The recipe for cookies

Cookies are small data- or text-files sent from a website and stored on your local computer. Cookies can be stored for different purposes; some cookies have a technical character (for example to store language preferences), session cookies (temporary cookies) and tracking cookies (cookies that track and store your behaviour on the website, in order to offer the user the most optimal user experience)

The Belgian Law concerning electronic communication (implementation telecommunications law) includes some provisions regarding cookies, and the use of them on websites. The Belgian implementation is derived from the European E-Privacy Directive. This Directive implies that every EU Member States has a certain discretion regarding cookie-legislation. What is the aim of these cookies? LetsCollect would like to inform the user as much as possible on this new legislation, and on the cookies they use. Cookies are essential for us in order to optimize every visit to the website. Cookies, for example, remember every technical choice the user made (for example choices regarding language, newsletter etc.), and help to offer the user every relevant services and suggestions.

If you would like to visit LetsCollect, it is recommended that cookies be enabled. However, if you do not prefer such setting, the user is free to disable cookies through changing the browser settings. (We refer you to title 6 “how can I manage my cookies”)

We only use cookies to optimize you’re experience regarding our website. Therefore we guarantee the fact that our cookies are safe. The information that is collected through the use of cookies allows us to detect possible errors and/or allows us to demonstrate specific services of which we presume they can be useful for you. There is a possibility that we store information that can be directly linked to a user. Some of our cookies may come from carefully selected partners with whom we cooperate and that advertise our services on their website. What guarantees do I have as a visitor? LetsCollect acquired the legal Quality-label 'mylabel', after an extensive legal and technical scan of their website by the legal department of ‘DeJuristen/LesJuristes’. This label guarantees the user 100% legal certainty.