Creating collections

Starting a collection on LetsCollect

How to start a collection

Anyone can start a collection on LetsCollect, either using the website or via the app. In both cases, you start by pressing the start a collection-button, which is displayed throughout the website and the app.

Starting a new collection

Choosing a topic

In the create-collection form the first step is to choose a fitting title for your collection, and whether your collections is going to be directed at a specific geographic area.

As explained in the next step, these two elements determine the weblink of your collection, and this can not be changed afterwards, so be sure to choose wisely.

A good title reflects the content you want to gather in your collection. And when you want collect content that is relevant to a specific area, like a town / city / country / regions, be sure to select it at the location field.

  Weblink to your collection

An url-link is created

The title (and optionally: a location) of your collection determines the link that will be created for your collection, which you can use in the address bar of your browser to visit your collection. URL-links on LetsCollect are typically structured in the following manner:

When no geographical location is chosen your the location tag in the link will be replaced with the tag: "all". So for example:

The initial setup

Setting up the basics...

Once your new collection has been created you will be automatically directed to your collection's newly created weblink. The first time visiting your collection you will be prompted with the setup-menu of your collection where you can configure your collection. After the initial setup, you can use the "setup-button" to open the collection configure menu.

The setup menu offers a lot of options to configure your collection, below we will go by the various options one by one.

Filling out the essentials


A good title will make sure visitors of your collection will know instantly what your collection is about!


A good description of your collection can give visitors a good impression towards what you are trying to accomplish and it can help to attract visiters to your collection.

Search tags

Add up to 5 tags to your collection to describe your collection. These tags will be used in the various search engines.

  Collection configuration

Options for items

While the options above mainly determine how your collection is displayed in the various searchengines, the options outlined below determine how items in your collection work.

For example: when choosing to fill your collection with locations you might want your items to include a location-map. Also here you can set whether your collection will include the option to add likes to items and whether or not visitors of your collection are able to make suggestions.


Change how items work...

Items with maps

When the items in your collection have a physical location, you can activate a location-map for items. By activating this option a location map with all markers will be added to the header of your collection.

Items with likes

The items in your collection can have a like-button. The like-option gives visitors of your collection the ability to give items in your collection likes.

Allow suggestions

You can open up your collection to suggestions from others. When a new suggestion is made, you will receive a notification and you will need to approve the item before it is visible.

Next: Filters and gathering content

On the next page we will explain the basics of setting up filters for your collection and the various options you have for gathering content. Check it out.

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